Mealworms :

Mealworms are a rich source of protein that wild birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians love.  Nature's Way will give you the BEST quality in the industry and guarantee live product upon arrival. PEST FREE! 

Rehabilitators, Wholesale and NABS Members please call for pricing.

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Wax Worms :

Wax Worms are soft bodied larvae of the bee moth.  They are used for bait, reptile and wild bird food.

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Bird Feeders & Houses : 

Look out a window, or sit on a deck and enjoy the view!  Our USA HANDMADE bird feeders will attract wild birds right into your back yard.  Throw some bird seed, suet cakes, or Nature's Way's mealworms in the CEDAR bird house of your choice and be entertained as your birds will make a new home at your house!  

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